About Us


   When our founder, Meg Himes, first began lifting, it was in a commercial gym space where harassment towards women (especially those looking to gain size and get stronger) was never hard to come across. From gym to gym she found this to be considered the "norm" and not exclusive to women. Within fitness spaces there seemed to be many opinions on who should look like what and when. This was where Meg's creative brain took the reigns and began creating fun, tongue and cheek designs with the mission of promoting inclusivity and empowerment through strength training. 

   Fast forward a few years to a smaller facility that was just getting started called Kenmore Barbell & Fitness run by our co-founder Vin Mangione. In 2015, Vin started the gym with the intention of creating a space for individuals that wanted to lift heavy and get stronger without being bothered. What came after that was unexpected to say the least. The Kenmore Barbell community was created: a group of supportive, respectful, and kind individuals that came together from various strength sports, backgrounds, and experiences.

   This togetherness that can be found in the Kenmore Barbell community was what inspired Meg to share her designs the world. In 2020, Meg and Vin joined forces with the mission to empower individuals and build inclusive communities through strength training and art and design. Taking up space is something everyone deserves to do. Thicc Strength Supply exists to celebrate gym culture and spread awareness concerning inclusivity, and will hopefully serve as a catalyst for change in the global fitness community.